What you get when you mix fake Kabbalah and Hollywood

Britanny looses kids, but gains Kabbalah?

Posted by kabbalywood on October 21, 2007

On Pop Tarts: 

The pop princess also looks set to get back “Into the Zone” of Kabbalah, as our insider tells us that “Madonna sent her lovely letter of support suggesting she start re-reading the literature to find who she really is once again.”


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Madonna’s fake Judaism under scrutiny

Posted by kabbalywood on October 21, 2007

Many were shocked and sickened with Madonna claimed to be an ambassador for Judaism.  Ben Shapiro has some choice words for the uber-celeb, who is more traif that kosher.


Madonna’s Fake Judaism


By Ben Shapiro


Apparently, Judaism has found a new representative: Madonna. “I am an ambassador for Judaism,” Madonna proclaimed this week while visiting Israeli President Shimon Peres. In particular, Madonna sees herself as an ambassador for Kabbalah, a mystical school of Jewish thought.

Never mind that Madonna isn’t Jewish. Never mind that Jewish thought itself prohibits the study of Kabbalah unless one becomes expert in all other areas of Jewish law, practices all 613 of the Jewish commandments (Madonna has broken at least eight of the Ten Commandments) and is at least 40 years of age. Never mind that Madonna’s brand of Kabbalah is a concoction of fallacious philosophy and creepy voodoo.


No, Madonna is well-qualified to be spokeswoman for Judaism. “You don’t know how popular ‘The Book Of Splendor’ is among Hollywood actors,” Madonna told Peres, ignoring the silent retching of thousands of Jews worldwide. “Everyone I meet talks to me only about that. I am an ambassador for Judaism.” Fellow Hollywoodite and faux Kabbalah devotee Ashton Kutcher told Israeli newspapers that Kabbalah made him a better actor – one shudders to think how much worse “The Butterfly Effect,” “The Guardian,” “A Lot Like Love,” “Cheaper By The Dozen” and “My Boss’s Daughter” would have been without Kabbalah to guide Kutcher’s masterful performances.


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Madonna claims to be Ambassador for Judaism

Posted by rabbiyonah on September 19, 2007

Y-love has a great piece over at Jewlicious.com about this latest abomination of Madonna and her puppeteers Berg & Co.

This is perhaps the most audacious usurpation of Judaism we’ve seen yet by a Kabbalah center graduate. Ambassador? When did she get citizenship?

Ignoring the fact that it’s more than just a little patronizing to Jews-by-choice to declare yourself an “ambassador for Judaism” just because you give over excerpts of Kabbalah Centre philosophy (or, perhaps, the week’s “spiritual forecast”), for Madonna to consider herself the “voice” of any Jewish community or of “Judaism” is just not realistic. Rabbis in Israel are so furious over her visit that one respected kabbalist wouldn’t even mention her name. One can not be an ambassador for a group against that group’s will.

Madonna – or should we say Miriam – has been spending the Holy Days in the Holy Land. Along with all the other brainwashed actors that fall for the Bergermeister.

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Red Strings in Malawi

Posted by rabbiyonah on November 6, 2006

The talk has ben going on for weeks and months. What I fail to understand is why is this ok?  Why does she get away with this? How much is she paying these peple to steal their kids?  Why in the world would anyone trust their child to this lady?

Malawian boy introduced to Kabbalah

You’re never too young to become a Kabbalah devotee as far as Madonna is concerned. Her soon-to-be-adopted African son, David Banda, is already wearing the cult’s red string bracelet, said to ward off evil spirits. Meanwhile, she’s mounting a publicity blitz to ward off criticism she took the child from his Malawian father without explaining what adoption means.

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Madonna cools on Kabob Centre, still loves her Kabbalah

Posted by rabbiyonah on October 5, 2006

madonnaAccording to a recent story on FoxNews, the Material Girl, while cooling from giving money directly to

last July that Madonna was giving millions of dollars to the Kabbalah Centre, an IRS sanctioned religion founded by Karen and Philip Berg. The Kabbalah Centre is not part of Judaism; it is an independently organized religion.

Madonna’s largesse comes through her Ray of Light Foundation. She parks money there tax free, then distributes it to other causes. Wednesday’s announcement that she’s going to build an orphanage in the African country of Malawi is linked to the planned curriculum: Kabbalah.

Madonna, you see, is hooked on Kabbalah.

The newest tax filing for the Ray of Light Foundation shows she hasn’t given up on the Bergs yet. She gave their Spirituality for Kids branch $268,106 in 2005. Madonna donated another $184,250 to the Kabbalah Centre itself. And that’s what she’s reporting publicly, and in the United States.

Well while still wasting her money and throwing it down the tubes at things like Kabbalaah, at leat she has some adivors left who told her to stay away form the Bergs before they self-destruct.

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Madonna to teach Kabbalah to orphans in Africa

Posted by rabbiyonah on August 4, 2006

Beyond absurd. Beyond dumb.  Teaching her fake kabbalah of materialism and me-centered spirituality to Malawi children. Its like spiritual colonialism only stranger because she is passing on a soft cult (kabob center) and personality cult.

Madonna To Help Orphans In Malawi

NEW YORK (August 3, 2006) — Madonna is always reinventing herself. In her latest role, she is a humanitarian with an ambitious plan to care for orphans in the African country of Malawi…..,

“One of the main precepts of Kabbalah is that we’re put on this Earth to help people,” she says. “And your job is to figure out how you can help, and what it is that you can do.”

An orphan care center, being built with a goal of feeding and educating about 1,000 children a day, will have programs based on Spirituality for Kids, Kabbalah’s children’s program, according to the magazine.

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Latest news from Kabbalywood

Posted by kabbalywood on July 7, 2006

As if cult-like activity were not enough to be wierd, Kabbalywood is full of intrigue too.

Madonna and Britney split  

Pop Queen, Madonna has reportedly ended her friendship with pop princess Britney Spears after Britney announced that she was no longer studying Kabbalah. …

Lohan Gets a Kabbalah Name  

Lindsay Lohan is becoming so involved with mystical Jewish belief system Kabbalah, she’s been give her own Kabbalah Name -Rose

Madonna goes to services

During her recent tour of the Big Apple, the Ritchies and children Lourdes and Rocco attended services at the New York Kabbalah Centre.

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Britney Dumps the Kabob Centre

Posted by kabbalywood on June 1, 2006

According to all the news sources: Brit has dumped Kabbalah, and Thank God for that!

Britney Spears has given up on her Kabbalah studies saying she has found a new religion in her family.

Soon after the birth of baby Sean Preston Britney Spears took him for blessing to Hindu temple in L.A.

Britney Spears, who was introduced to Kabbalah in 2003 by Madonna, has left a brief note on her site saying, “I no longer study Kabbalah (sic), my baby is my religion.”

Britney Spears didn’t clarify if she meant her eight-month-old son or the child she is currently pregnant with, according to contactmusic.com.

Now Birt will be part of the normal religion of Hollywood, which is Self-Worship.

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What should we think of “Kabbalah for Teens”

Posted by kabbalywood on April 21, 2006

kabbalah for teens

Just came across this quote from the author of Kabbalah for Teens, Louis Belmont:

"Young people, when they're going through changes, are hard-wired for a mystical experience, and that's becoming less and less available in the materially oriented, hyperfact-digitized world we live in," says Louis Belmont, a Los Angeles-based tutor and author of "Kabbalah for Teens."

Belmont dismisses the idea that this religious movement is just a celeb-fueled fad. "This tradition reveals a mystical dimension to everyday experience, and I want to present a body of wisdom that's existed and evolved for thousands of years," he explains.

That many parents are suspicious of kabbala makes it only more intriguing for young people. "When Mick Jagger was asked for a definition of rock 'n' roll, he said it was any music your parents don't like," Belmont says. "In the same way, kabbala can be something that a young person can feel that they've discovered."

WHile I agree with him that teens are looking for depth and meaning—while seemingly buzzed-out on myspace, drugs, and sex— I disagree completely with his "summation" that Kabbalah is this kind of wisdom that has evolved for thousands of years. It is totally misleading and innacurate.

Judaism reveals the mystical in everyday, just that the kind of stuff that passes for Judaism at most temples and synagogues is not at all in touch with the real essence of Judaism, the Torah. The Torah clearly outlines that each day and each moment is something mystical, and we don't need the kabbob center or Kabbalah for Teens to tell us this.

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KC quiets their detractors

Posted by kabbalywood on March 23, 2006

Read below to see story of man whose wife was bilked by the center. How did they get him to drop the case? Was it force or lots of money that he changed his mind and loves them now?

Case against Kabbalah Center director closed

The Tel Aviv Magistrates Court decided on Tuesday to close the investigation against Shaul Youdkevitch, director of the Tel Aviv Kabbalah Center, who is suspected of extorting money out of a dying cancer patient.

The case was closed after the woman’s husband, who filed the complaint against Youdkevitch, decided to drop the charges. (Avi Cohen)

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